Training Horse / Rider

Training Philosophy

At Green Haven Stables, we strive to bring out the best in both the horse and the rider. We focus on the basics of riding, including rhythm, relaxation, impulsion, straightness, and collection.

 This focus on flatwork provides riders with a foundation to develop the tools they need for success over jumps and in the show ring. We frequently work on grids and courses at home to hone the skills needed in the show ring. 

Scott has a great eye for what each horse and rider combination needs to focus on to reach their goals.

From Grass Roots To Grand Prix


If you are looking to begin your horse training journey, look no further than our program! We train horses and riders from grassroots to Grand Prix. We currently have space available for training at our stable. Our team competes on the Ontario “A” Circuit and frequently travels to gold shows at Angelstone, Caledon Equestrian Park, Ottawa Equestrian Tournaments, and the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. 

We also extend our travels to the United States, visiting venues such as the World Equestrian Centre. 

Our lesson schedule is conveniently located on Google Sheets so you can easily find the best time and type of lesson for you and your horse. Ship-in lessons are also available upon request.

We look forward to helping you and your horse reach your goals and beyond!

Boarding at Green Haven Stables